For Sale: 30 m³ Concrete Batching Plant | Georgia

30 m³ Concrete Batching Plant

Sharing the Success Story of the Sale of Mega Promix-30.PL 30 m³ Concrete Batching Plant to Georgia…

Hello valued visitors,

Today, we would like to share a gratifying success story of our company, extending from Trabzon, Turkey, to Guria, Georgia

30 m³ Concrete Batching Plant

As a company operating internationally in the concrete batching plant sector, we have successfully conducted sales in 52 different countries. This time, we achieved a memorable sale in the Chokhatauri city of Guria, the rising star of the Caucasus. We want to narrate the story of the Mega Promix-30.PL 30 m³ Concrete Batching Plant that we sold to Georgia.

Our customer in Guria was in search of a concrete batching plant for their projects. After conducting research, they noticed us through our social media posts. Our customer quickly received a price quote for the 30 m³ concrete batching plant through the rapid quotation section on our website, in their preferred language.

After various comparisons, our customer contacted us via video call. During the communication process, we took the time to understand their needs and meet their requirements. Following our discussions, our customer, who efficiently completed the visa procedures, visited us to see our production firsthand.

The visiting customer observed the production process closely and thoroughly examined our manufacturing with no lingering questions in mind. Our sales team identified suitable products and equipment based on the customer’s needs, leading to the confirmation of the concrete batching plant order. Our expert engineering team also carried out the project planning stage.

Using our “production tracking” system, the customer monitored the manufacturing of the concrete batching plant online with the provided IP. Despite our average production time being 4 weeks, our experienced team completed the production one week earlier, in just 3 weeks, due to the dedicated work of our manufacturing team.

With the support of our logistics team, we swiftly completed the transportation process. Throughout this process, our “shipment tracking” system allowed the customer to follow each stage of the shipment online.

While the concrete batching plant production was completed, our on-site team finished the infrastructure work for installation. Thus, when our experienced installation team arrived in Georgia, everything was ready, and the installation of the 30 m³ concrete batching plant was completed in a short period of 3 days. We successfully conducted test productions and provided operator training.

“For the customer’s 30 m³ concrete batching plant, they made the following choices:”

-3×8 m³ raw material bunker: Extra covers were added for the customer’s convenience in increasing the bunker capacity.

-In the raw material weighing process, the customer, who values precision, chose 6 load cells instead of our recommended 4.

-Due to a longer cement procurement time, we used 2 units of 45-ton cement silos.

-For the crucial factor of maintaining continuous concrete production, the customer opted for a 900 dm³ capacity in the raw material intermediate waiting bunker.

-In the mortar mixing mixer, a Planet Mixer with a volume of 750 liters and 3 outlets was used.

-For the automation system with an easy-to-use interface, we prepared the software language in Georgian, English, and Turkish to ensure no issues in usage.

We worked diligently and attentively at every stage to fully meet the customer’s needs. To demonstrate that our concrete batching plant facility operates in a manner suitable for both our customer and you, we have prepared a short working video. You can follow our “Youtube” channel for more concrete batching plant videos.

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