Why Mega Concrete Plants?

Why mega concrete plants

We embarked on our journey with an unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction. Thanks to the contributions of our experienced team, we are a preferred choice in 52 countries around the world, holding the justified pride of being a leading organization in the concrete batching plant sector.

Mega Concrete Plants, like Mega Mould, began its commercial activities in 2015 under the umbrella of Mega Export&Import company.

As the Mega Concrete Plants family, we manufacture:

Mega Concrete Plants Models

30 m³ Concrete Batching Plant (with Pan and Planetary Mixers)

60 m³ Concrete Batching Plant

90 m³ Concrete Batching Plant

120 m³ Concrete Batching Plant

150 m³ Concrete Batching Plant

180 m³ Concrete Batching Plant

200 m³ Concrete Batching Plant

We also produce custom-sized concrete batching plants according to your preferences


Company Policy

Product & Quality Policy

Concrete Batching Plant Production Process

Concrete Batching Plant Shipping and Installation Process

Concrete Batching Plant Warranty and Service Terms

Pricing Policy

R&D Policy

Customer Satisfaction

Company Policy:

Our company’s production and sales planning are entirely based on exports. With our experienced team, we handle all issues for you. We facilitate the delivery of your products to your doorstep by only paying the taxes in your country.

Additionally, through our activation center, we provide 24/7 uninterrupted service with a representative who speaks your language. This enables you to easily conduct business as if purchasing products from any city in your country. We offer the possibility of conducting trade through leasing or letter of credit with special bank agreements we have made. We also ensure that the contracts we prepare are approved by the relevant government authorities, allowing you to assert your rights easily in case of any issues with international significance.

Product & Quality Policy:

With our principle of on-time production, on-time delivery, and on-time assembly, we aim to establish stronger bonds with our customers. We constantly monitor and integrate industry innovations into our systems. Quality is always our top priority, as evidenced by the use of high-quality Italian mixers in our mortar mixers.

You can review our quality certificates, known as “concrete batching plant certificates,” by clicking on the link. We certify the quality of all our products with the “Euro Conformity Certificate,” allowing you to easily enter your country without customs issues related to compliance.

Concrete Batching Plant Production Process:

Our concrete batching plant production takes 5-7 weeks. Once the sales contract and necessary paperwork are completed, we start production immediately. During this time, we prepare the project for the area where you will install the plant for free. While we manufacture the plant, you prepare the necessary preparations for the installation area.

We specify the raw materials and measurements to be used in the production along with the technical specifications. This standardizes the production process and avoids unpleasant surprises. You can track the real-time production of the facility you purchased through the “concrete batching plant production” link we provide exclusively for you.

Concrete Batching Plant Shipping and Installation Process:

Our plants take up much less space compared to many others due to their disassembled design. For example, our Promix 120 m³ concrete batching plant fits into 6 40-foot HC containers, all-inclusive. Despite the Exwork (factory delivery) method, we provide all kinds of support during the transportation process. With our extensive logistics portfolio, we compare two offers and help you choose the most suitable one.

You can always track the sent plants through the “concrete batching plant shipment tracking” link. We do not charge installation fees for the plants you purchase. During trial and test productions, we provide free operator training and issue a user certificate to your staff.

Concrete Batching Plant Warranty and Service Terms:

As a sign of our confidence in our products, we offer a 3-year warranty. Additionally, you can extend it to 5 years with a 5% price difference. We also provide a 1-year wear plate guarantee for concrete batching plant mortar mixers, a first in the industry.

Our domestic intervention time within the warranty coverage is 48 hours, while international intervention is 72-120 hours (excluding countries requiring an invitation). This ensures that any issues are resolved as quickly as possible.

Furthermore, we minimize your waiting time by maintaining stock production and spare parts. This prevents potential losses in your business as quickly as possible.

Pricing Policy:

With our transparent sales policy, we eliminate the risk of deception by publishing our current prices on our website. We do not provide different prices on our website, social media, classified sites, or in different languages. Our prices are the same everywhere.

We offer a secure trading environment for our customers by keeping our profitability very low with a fixed price guarantee.

You can view images of completed projects and interviews with our customers about our company on our website. We prevent you from wasting unnecessary time and money for your reference search.

To learn about “concrete batching plant prices,” you can click on the link.

R&D Policy:

Our R&D activities and innovative production efforts continue at full speed. During this process, we continue with an approach that takes into account consumer expectations, environmental and social impacts. With our high technology and experience in plant production, we continue to innovate every day.

Customer Satisfaction:

We prepare contracts in the language preferred by our customers, eliminating the obligation to sign contracts in an unfamiliar language. This prevents problems arising from misunderstandings in contracts signed in a different language. Our commercial terms are mutually protective for both the seller and the buyer. Payments are made in three stages and only for completed sections. The contracts also contain penalty clauses to prevent any possible delays and financial losses. This ensures a more comfortable and secure trading environment for our customers.

Thanks to our 24-hour online technical support line, you can easily reach us in any language through our website.

For more videos of concrete batching plants, you can follow our “YouTube” channel.

Mega Concrete Plants

Quality concrete batching plants at affordable prices, in line with European standards…

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