What You Should Do Before Buying A Concrete Plant

Before Buying A Concrete Plant
Before Buying A Concrete Plant

What You Should Do Before Buying A Concrete Plant

There are many factors that you should consider before buying a concrete batching plant. By considering these factors and conducting a preliminary study, it is an advantage for you and your business in commercial terms.

So, what exactly should you do?

We, as the Mega Concrete Plants family, in this article will share that information that will be really useful to you.

1-Market Analysis

Nowadays, it is an essential analysis before starting a new job. First of all, it is necessary to determine the purpose. You must determine your investment in accordance with this purpose.

Competing companies that may be in the market must be analyzed in detail. You need to know a variety of information, such as the working method of these companies, the prices they handle and how their customer service is.

Based on the result of this analysis, you need to determine what you can do differently from your competitors to be included in the market.

The more detailed and successful the market analysis, the more successful the company’s profit maximization will be.

2- Determination of Need

After the market analysis is complete, you can now start the calculations. As a result of the analysis you have performed, you have determined the market volume. Then you need to calculate how much share you can get from this market volume.

You need to determine how many products you can sell with the differences you plan to make. Once you have determined how many products you will sell, now is the time to choose which plant will work for you.

“Buy a concrete plant according to your need!”

Don’t let sales representatives try to sell you bigger concrete batching plants, buy what you need.

However, do not ignore the fact that it has the possibility to increase the capacity of the plant you will buy, in addition to the fact that it can be easily uncoupled and installed. In the future, when you grow your business, you may want to expand your concrete plant or you may want to move it to a different location.

3- Determine Budget

After completing the market analysis, you have also determined the concrete plant you need. Now you need to determine how much budget you will allocate for the plant. You should be able to review your budget again, considering your future income.

4- Company Selection

You have completed the market analysis, now you know the market. Now you know how much you need to produce and what your needs are. It’s time to choose a company.

If an evaluation is to be made in terms of price performance on equipment such as concrete batching plants, the one with the lowest price should not be preferred. It is preferable to get a quality product.

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The company you choose:

– They should explain in detail the raw materials they use in their products and the process of manufacturing them.

– Must produce concrete batching plants suitable for the climatic conditions of your country.

– The warranty period of the product should be long-term, not as short as 1-2 years (manufacturer who trusts himself and his products gives a long-term warranty, such as 3 years).

– Spare parts should be readily available.

– Regardless of the time difference, you should be able to contact the customer support line 24/7.

– Must be completely transparent about contracts.

– The sales contract must protect not only the buyer, but also the seller.


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